Tieng Nga

Tui dang duoc moi di Moscow de giup ho lam mot nghien cuu. Ngay xua co hoc 3 nam tieng Nga o pho thong nhung quen het roi. Ba con nao co goi y lam cach nao de nhanh chong hoi phuc lai mot so ngu phap co ban va noi duoc mot so hoi thoai co ban tieng Nga khong? Sach, online sources? Cai duy nhat con nho bay gio la doc tieng Nga. (Mac du giao tiep cho cong viec se bang tieng Anh nhung thought it would be nice to speak some tieng Nga).

Xin da ta.


  1. Russian for Dummies (in English), in PDF format without audios (sorry :D). Hope it helps.

    P/S: my girlfriend is a frequent reader of your blog. She told me that you're an expert in preparing resume, and that you're in need of some Russian documents, so it's a good chance for me to jump in and... ask for your help, if you have some time to spare. :D
    I hope my frankness won't freak you away :D

  2. Hey there, thanks much and I am flattered :))

    I could not download the document though. There is some errors.

  3. Finally, I was able to download. Thanks.

  4. Vu thu duong link nay xem:http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/VI/VIRU/VIRU002.HTM

    Co them audio.

  5. OMG, đi Moscow!!!! Sướng thế :))))

  6. Cám ơn LA nhé. Rất là hữu ích.

  7. Thuê gia sư đi, anh xung phong.

  8. Hi Lung, doc cai entry nay roi nhung hom qua latop cua chi hong khong vao comment duoc. Co cai link nay ve phan mem hoc tieng Nga:

    Cai nay duoc moi nguoi gioi thieu tren dien dan nuocnga.net kha noi tieng trong cong dong nguoi Viet co lien quan den nuoc Nga.

    Con mot so topic khac tham khao ve hoc tieng Nga o nuocnga.net hy vong giup duoc Lung:

    Lung co hoc qua chut roi chac con nho it nhieu. Anyways bang chu cai tieng Nga o day nhe vi no la he slave kha' rieng:

  9. Cám ơn anh C và chị Lana, ở nhà thì chắc là đến nhờ mấy bác làm gia sư rồi.