Blaming Clinton’s Base for Her Loss Is the Ultimate Insult


I wouldn't agree more. Clinton's honest message on racial and gender equality, and feminism was probably the biggest strategic error that cost her this election.

I feel this country needs to be broken into pieces. Cultures and values of the West and East have drifted away from the Central and the South. Trump will only accelerate the divisiveness into the next level.


We must move forward and not backward

Second day after that unthinkable outcome, I came to office. We all need to get on with work and life. We all seemed ok. But I know from deep down, our colleagues and those of us working in global health are still devastated. We have lost the chance to put a champion in global health to the White House. We’ve lost Hillary to a man who has absolutely zero understanding of the world we live in and our shared responsibilities for our society. I hope the Clinton’s legacy lives on with its Foundation. Speaking of the Clinton Foundation, I am still mad with how ignorant and misinformed many people of this country are, spreading unfounded claim of its corruption. This is a world-class nonprofit organization that has saved millions of lives from AIDS, Malaria and poverty across the developing world. And Clinton is the first former president who has enough global-level influence and respect to raise lots of money to operate its programs at a large scale. Comparing Trump foundation with Clinton foundation is an unacceptable insult to the Clinton legacy. Sadly, the media had led the Trump campaign get away with its lie.

I am heading to Tanzania this weekend. This is probably a good way to escape this horrific American political climate. I can’t wait to have a peaceful moment on the shore of the Indian Ocean watching the sunset. I hope this will clear my head and pick me up. I hate being dramatic but at the moment, I still can't make sense of what has just happened with this election, and thinking of a Trump-led America sucks.

Everywhere I went in the past couple of months since Trump became the republican nominee, people asked me this question again and again: “What is wrong with America”? My answer was always “Trump won’t win”. Because I trusted that this adopted country of mine with many great values, generosity, and decency would stop this man. Now, I know am dead wrong. On this trip, I will be ashamed and humiliated when my colleagues ask me this same question. I won’t have an answer.

Last night, students at American University in Washington DC, overwhelming white, protested Trump on their campus and there was a sign that read “F-ck white Americans”. Although, I am against this language, I must say that white rural Americans have made us all miserable today. You are the most uninformed and confusing group of voters. Trump is not better than Hillary. Period. And the next four years will prove this. The moment you voted Trump, you completely disgraced yourselves and dishonored the moral principles you daily preach.

Get out of this land and travel the world. It will open your eyes. It will give you new perspectives. It will help you move forward. Travel will help you recognize how unfortunate you are not being able to see the beauty of diversity that this world has to offer: beautiful nature, fascinating local senses, cultures, religions, festivities, music, and beautiful, and diverse features of our human race. You will be able to understand global warming is real, and it will affect everyone and may destroy this planet one day. You will understand that we, as a society, must embrace diversity and treat others with dignity. We must care for the vulnerable and close the many inequality gaps. We must move forward and not backward.